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Interviewing Skills

Intended audience:
Scottish Trainees

5 hours


  • Plenary sessions introducing key topics and skills
  • Paired group workshops focusing on practical, case study based interviewing exercises
  • Video-taped interviewing exercises
  • Coaching and feedback to delegates during and after their performance in the interviewing exercises
  • Discussion of issues arising during replays of delegates’ performances in the video-taped exercises

On completion of this course, delegates will have practised the following competencies to an appropriate standard:

  • Assess tone, register and structure of own communications
  • Ascertain the nature of a client’s wishes / problems
  • Identify the legal issues arising form the above
  • Use appropriate questioning skills orally
  • Confirm instructions
  • Advise clients on proposed plans
  • Gather, organise and present information orally
  • Create and maintain a sense of confidence and trust



  • Preparing
  • Listening techniques
  • Questioning for further information
  • Verifying instructions
  • Responding to client instructions
  • Closing and finishing off

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