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Personal Organisation And Managing Working Relationships

Intended audience:
Scottish Trainees

3 hours

Workshop session including practical case study exercises, discussions and individual reflection

The objectives of this course are to introduce participants to some of the key skills of personal organisation and managing working relationships.  New trainees will build their understanding through case study exercises, discussions and individual reflection.


  • Taking control of as much of a working day as is possible at this stage of their career
  • Prioritisation – assessing and taking action
  • Efficient work habits – how to capitalise on them
  • Communicating and working effectively with others
  • Techniques for efficient matter management

The success measures for this course are that trainees:

  • Are able to plan their day-to-day work more efficiently and effectively
  • Show improved effectiveness in day-to-day work and matter management

The Training Team

Andrew Dines

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