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Persuasion And Influencing Skills

Intended audience:

3 hours

Small group workshop using examples of good practice, role plays and a case study based on practical solutions to problems.  There is also an opportunity for follow-up coaching for individual participants by telephone or email.

The objectives of this course are to introduce participants to the skills required in influencing and persuading others, specifically colleagues within the firm and external parties.


  • Introduction
    • Why is this an important skill?
    • Perception
    • Credibility
  • Managing the process of influencing and persuading
  • Self-awareness – where are you now and where do you want to be?
  • The skills of persuasion
    • Understanding your ability to influence and persuade
    • Demonstrating persuasive behaviour
  • Handling difficult people
    • Assertive behaviour
    • Giving constructive feedback
    • Dealing with office politics
  • Getting your point across
    • How to negotiate your point
    • Gaining agreement for your point
  • Emotional intelligence – is it just woolly management speak?


  • Participants will gain self-awareness and be able to apply it to their day-to-day working environment
  • Participants will learn how to make an effective case for their point and some tactics for negotiating that case
  • Participants will be better prepared to deal effectively and confidently with difficult people and situations

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