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Writing Skills

Intended audience:

3 hours

Interactive workshop, individual and small group work and tutored sessions

The objective of this course is to examine the principles of effective writing and provide practical guidance on the specific requirements of business writing, including identifying and tackling common problems with grammar, vocabulary and punctuation.

Please note: the practical exercises and examples used in this course are tailored to ensure that they are relevant to the needs of both the participants and the firm.


  • Communication in the context of the legal profession
  • The different stages of writing in the business context
  • The elements to be considered when writing:
    • Purpose
    • Readership
    • Content
    • Structure
    • Firm’s style
  • How to bring clarity to your writing
    • Plain English and vocabulary
    • Grammar and punctuation
  • Editing your writing
  • Delegating the basics and polishing the final version

The success measures for the course are that participants:

  • Can demonstrate a marked improvement in both document creation and accuracy through use of a diagnostic test
  • Are able to analyse, edit and improve their own writing
  • Gain significant confidence in their ability to produce documents which meet the firm’s standards and provide clarity and accuracy to the targeted readership

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