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Personal Efficiency And Workload Management

Intended audience:

3 hours

Workshop session, including practical case study exercises and feedback

The objective of this course is to give participants some of the tools, techniques and motivation to take greater control and responsibility for how they use their time.  Having developed an understanding of some of these key issues, participants are encouraged to build upon and develop their skills through various reflective and practical exercises.


  • Understanding personal attitudes and behaviour towards your use of time
  • Setting goals and priorities
  • Taking control of as much of your working day as possible
  • Efficient work habits and how to capitalise on them
  • Working smarter, not longer hours
  • Prioritising your work and integrating tasks with those of other team members


  • Participants are able to plan and undertake their work more efficiently, measured by higher quality output as well as accuracy and volume of work completed
  • Participants achieve sustained improvement in their efficiency in matter management
  • Participants are able to develop and use their efficiency skills to derive long-term benefits for themselves and the firm

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