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Training The Trainer

Intended audience:

3 hours

Small group workshop, followed by a review exercise and individual feedback

The objective of this course is that participants develop an understanding of the skills needed to conduct an effective training session.  The main focus is on techniques for designing and delivering training sessions, facilitating training sessions, providing coaching and giving constructive feedback.


  • The learning process
  • Preparing and designing a training session
    • Content and format
    • The audience: tuning in to their needs and expectations
    • Structuring the training session
    • Practical case studies and tasks for participants
  • Delivering the training
    • Getting attention and participation
    • Key learning points
    • Maintaining participants’ interest and activity
  • Effective outcomes
    • Wrapping it up and reinforcing key learning points
    • Evaluating effectiveness
    • Action planning for follow-up
  • Handling questions and difficult audience members
  • Training skills workshop – following the training the trainers course, participants will design a learning and development workshop that they will deliver in due course. Support will be provided and participants will deliver an element of this session for review and constructive feedback.


  • Participants will have the skills and knowledge to design and deliver well structured and interesting training
  • Participants will know and be able to implement best practice learning and development theory
  • Participants will work on a live training workshop for delivery

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