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Reflection in Practice

Intended audience:
Trainee Solicitors

2 hours

Interactive workshop including individual and small group work.

This workshop aims to develop an understanding of what ‘reflection’ means and looks like in practice. By the end of this workshop trainees will have the awareness and the tools to adopt a reflective mindset and reflective behaviours in their approach to learning and development, focused on instilling a culture of continual self-improvement. 


  • What we mean by ‘Reflection’ and the ‘Reflective Cycle’
  • ‘Reflection’ in its regulatory context: SRA Training Regulations 2014 & Continuing Competence Regime
  • ‘Reflection’ in its learning and development context, including the use of a reflective development records (the Training Contract Record) as a key training activity, and how reflection aids professional development
  • The concept of ‘marginal gains’ and how this relates to a trainee’s reflective practice
  • What reflection looks like in a trainee’s practice: examples & case studies
  • How to use a reflective Training Contract Record to get the most out of a seat (reviewing skills coverage / gap areas)
  • Where appropriate, practical in-session training on the use of Online Mentor as a training contract record, including via smartphone App

Participants will:

  • Gain a better understanding of ‘reflection’ in practice, and how to do it
  • Understand the benefits of a reflective approach to their learning and development
  • Be equipped to adopt a mindset of continual improvement
  • Where used as the Firm’s Training Contract Record management platform, trainees will know how to use the Online Mentor system

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