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Closer To Clients: Boardroom Finance

Intended audience:
Solicitors dealing with commercial clients

3 hours

Small group workshop with tutor-led discussions and practical case studies

To develop a broad understanding of how successful businesses are run and managed to make it easier for a solicitor to be more commercial in conversations with clients.


  • Why and how are business plans prepared?
  • Preparing annual budgets
    • Alternative ways of predicting income
    • Optimum levels of expenditure
  • Management information systems
    • Managing cash flows – the useful ratios
    • Managing profit – key KPIs
  • Cash flow forecasts – why and how are they prepared?
  • Investment decisions
    • Improving ROI
  • Payback periods
  • Net present values
  • Internal rates of return


  • Participants will understand how successful companies plan for both the short and long term to minimise risks and maximise returns
  • Participants will feel more comfortable when talking to owners and managers of businesses and, more generally, about business and finance issues
  • Participants will have a better understanding of how to develop stronger working relationships with key clients

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