Getting To Grips With Financial Statements

Intended audience:

6 hours

Small group workshop with tutor-led discussions and practical case studies

Any trainee working in or qualifying into a commercial department will need to develop a level of skill in reading the financial statements of clients. This course builds on what has been covered in the LPC and core PSC and gives trainees the opportunity to consolidate and further their knowledge in this area.


  • Introduction and overview
  • What are the various types of account that clients create?
  • Where do the rules come from that govern the form and content of company accounts?
  • UK rules
  • International rules
  • An overview of the main financial statements
    • Balance sheet
    • Profit and loss account
    • Cash flow statement
    • Directors’ report
    • Auditors’ report
    • Notes to accounts
  • Case study – reviewing a set of accounts
    • Explaining the jargon and doing the case study
    • Using ratios to interpret the information disclosed
    • Understanding profitability
    • Assessing solvency
  • Valuing a business from the accounts
  • Introduction to group accounts
  • What are subsidiaries, associates etc?
  • How are group accounts prepared and what do they tell the reader?
  • Final questions

The success measures for this course are that trainees:

  • Will be able to read and understand accounts with more confidence
  • Be able to identify the financial strengths and weaknesses of clients
  • Will have greater confidence when talking to clients about their businesses

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