Interim Applications

Intended audience:

3 hours

Delegates taking this course will be able to understand and apply the theory and practice of making and responding to simple and complex interim applications.


  • Trial Advocacy and Chambers Advocacy: key differences
  • Preparing the application
  • Making the application
  • What to expect and how to deal with it

Practical Exercises:
Delegates will participate in presenting or defending more than one of the following applications:

  • An application for summary judgment with the defence seeking permission to amend their statement of case
  • A case management conference
  • A contested application to introduce late witness evidence
  • A contested application for trial on a preliminary issue
  • A contested application for the two sets of proceedings to be consolidated or tried together

The success measures for the course are that delegates:

  • Understand the theory and techniques used in preparing and presenting simple and complex interim applications
  • Are able to use and apply these techniques effectively

The Training Team

Arthur Moore

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