Introduction To The City

Intended audience:

3 hours

The course uses a mixture of quizzes and tutor-led case study exercises.

Trainees need a context for the work that they do if they are to make an effective and valuable contribution to the firm. This course introduces trainees to the workings of the City and the way in which it overlaps with the transactions that clients ask firms to undertake. It provides an essential understanding of how clients arrange their finances.


  • Introduction and overview
    • What is the City?
  • Can you talk the talk? – class attempt jargon quiz
  • The law firm and its clients – the link to the City
  • The credit crunch
    • What caused it?
    • Could it happen again?
  • Who are the other City players?
  • Assisting with financial transactions
  • Being an investment manager
  • Can you talk the talk? – answers
  • Final questions

Participants will:

  • Have a better understanding of what constitutes the City and the key jargon used
  • Be more aware of how the work they do as lawyers interacts with other City players
  • Have a keener appreciation of how clients arrange their finances and the transactions that they undertake

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