Networking Skills

Intended audience:

3 hours

Small group workshop focused on practical group exercises

This course is an introduction to developing a network of business development contacts and the key personal networking skills required to be an effective networker.


  • Introduction
    • What is networking?
    • Why networking is a valuable marketing and business development tool
  • Developing your network
    • What does your current network look like?
    • Networking as a trainee solicitor
  • Making the most of your network
    • Practical steps to develop your network of contacts
    • Identifying different types of contact
    • How effective a networker are you?
  • Effective personal techniques for client events
    • What to do before a client event
    • Targeting your client activity and setting goals
    • The networking process
    • Raising your personal profile and that of the firm
    • Tips on working a room
    • Measuring the success of a client event
  • Post-event evaluation and follow up
    • Managing the information you have
    • Measuring the success of networking at a client event
    • Keeping in touch and how to build proactive, ongoing relationships

The success measures for the course are that trainees:

  • Understand the significance of effective networking as a useful business development tool
  • Gain confidence in how to build, develop and maintain a network of productive relationships with clients, external colleagues and referral sources as well as contacts within the firm
  • Develop and practise their personal networking skills

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