Personal Effectiveness And Influencing Skills

Intended audience:

6 hours

Small group workshop

Small group workshop in which trainees will review the skills needed for maintaining and developing effective communication within the client relationship and using practical questionnaires and case study exercises with trainer-led discussions and feedback.


  • The context of client care
  • Understanding the needs of those with whom you communicate
  • Understanding the communication process and determining the appropriate tone, structure and style of communication
  • The role of assertiveness in the communication process
  • Communication throughout a client’s matter

The success measures for the course are that participants are able to:

  • Consider the needs and expectations of clients
  • Understand differences in people and the consequences of those differences within the client relationship
  • Assess the tone and structure of communications within the client relationship
  • Assess the impact and importance of assertiveness in the client relationship
  • Understand the need for clear and effective communication throughout the client relationship

The Training Team

Andrew Dines

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