Personal Impact Skills

Intended audience:

2 hours

Workshop session including practical exercises, discussion and individual feedback

Maximum number of participants:
12 per session

To heighten self-awareness around how effectively delegates communicate, enable individuals to identify the key ways that they can improve their personal impact, and support the formulation of behaviour changes and supporting strategies


  • Effective non-verbal communication – making appropriate eye contact and conscious use of body language to put others at ease and create the desired impact
  • Considering the recipient’s style and tailoring your approach to their preferences
  • Communicating deliberately and having considered what you want to get across
  • Speaking so you are heard – being more aware of pace and clarity of enunciation
  • Varying tone and volume to maintain interest and to emphasise key points
  • The difference between listening and simply pausing while others speak
  • Nerves and how to control them

The success measures for the course are that trainees:

  • Understand the importance of personal impact in their career and personal lives, and are motivated to improve
  • Get feedback on the effectiveness of their own communication style
  • Increase their self-awareness and identify specific behavioural changes they want to make
  • Take away some simple guidelines and check-lists to remind them of the key ways they can maximise their personal impact
  • Demonstrate higher levels of engagement, clarity and interest with colleagues
  • Begin to develop a personal style that can be used with clients and is consistent with the role of “trusted advisor”

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